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Welcome to NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors, NYC’s top roofing contractor providing licensed and insured commercial roofing services in NYC for over two decades. We are the most preferred choice of New Yorkers for high-quality, durable, and robust roofs that can withstand New York’s extreme weather. Our services encompass new roof construction and all sorts of roof repair services, removing all your roofing woes under one roof.

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Licensed Commercial Roofing Contractor NY

NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors’ roofing experts are licensed commercial roofing
contractors. We not only ensure that your commercial roofing installation, repair and
maintenance is according to NYC commercial roofing regulations but it corresponds to highest
safety and quality roofing standards too. With us as your commercial roofing partner you get
added peace of mind that your commercial roofing needs are fulfilled by knowledgeable and
licensed commercial roofing experts in New York.

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The Most Experienced NYC Commercial Roofing Experts

We have over two decades long experience in satisfying diverse types of clients seeking best
commercial roofing solutions in New York. This has seasoned us to know a great deal to be your top
choice for fast and easy commercial roof installation, repair and maintenance tasks. By
selecting NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors you will save yourself from facing issues and
hazards that happen due to working with inexpert roofers.

New York boroughs serve as one of nation’s biggest commercial hubs. There are diverse needs NY businesses located in greater NY area. Commercial roofing entails an undeniable significance among these needs. A
safe and sound roof is immensely important for ensuring security and efficiency for a
commercial organization. NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors has been providing low cost
and highest quality commercial roofing services to commercial entities as well as homeowners.. Having served
thousands of NY commercial offices, shops and homes, NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors
is your best roofing partner you can rely on for:

commercial roof replacement
commercial roof replacement
Helping you Choose the Right Commercial Roof

Commercial roofing is our passion and that is why we offer a wide range of superior commercial roofing services. Give us a call for expert and fast response if you require installation, repair or maintenance help for following types of commercial roofs:


NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors has been serving greater NY area for well over two decades. We offer highest quality solutions for all commercial roof, roof installation, repair and maintenance needs

For a long time we have been serving all five of the NY boroughs:

  • Commercial Roofing Bronx
  • Commercial Roofing Westchester
  • Commercial Roofing Manhattan
  • Commercial Roofing Yonkers
  • Commercial Roofing Queens
  • Commercial Roofing Brooklyn

Looking for a New Commercial Roof Installed in New York?

If you are looking for an expert commercial roofing company then search no further because
you are at the right place! NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors has the expertise you need to
install the commercial roof that lasts the longest.

Call Us for Getting a New commercial Roof
Installed Fast in NY – Bronx, Westchester,
Manhattan, Yonkers, NYC, Queens, Brooklyn and
neighboring areas.

Tips for Selecting the Right Roof
Budget and CostBudget and Cost

With so many options for residential and commercial roofing systems, today it is eminent that you do some homework on what type of roof you need and within what budget. There is one caution you always want to bear in mind though, a less costly roof sometimes needs either more frequent maintenance or replacement and both of these expenses end up increasing the overall cost of the roof.


The durability or in simple words the expected life span has to be an important factor when you are looking for the best roof for your home or commercial property. If you think that you don’t want to go through the cost and hassle of replacing the roof for a long time then it will be wiser to go for a more durable roof type which offers more than two decades of service life.

Energy Efficiency

We always recommend that you should assess your energy costs before settling on a particular roofing system. If your energy bills are a significant expenditure, researching on green roofing systems can be a great idea. Just ensure that you compare the savings you are expected to achieve over the span of a roof’s life with additional costs you have to endure while opting for energy efficient roofing systems. If you find predicted energy costs savings exceeding the extra cost for a greener roof option, installing an energy efficient roofing will make huge sense.

Beauty & Purpose

The roof of a home or commercial building must match the exterior tone of the structure. If you want to create a traditional exterior look, shingles of either asphalt or steel could be desirable. However, in case heavy outdoor air conditioning units have to be installed on the roof top then you have to choose from one of the flat roofing systems like BUR or EPDM.

Need Durable Roof Repair?

Things wear out doesn’t matter how durable we think of them to be. When your roof is showing signs of a visible or even a potential problem, you can be most vulnerable. You should not make any compromises and get the roof repaired immediately if you notice any of the following roofing issues:

Roof Leakages

It is probably the most common problem residential and commercial building owners have to encounter. A leakage in any part of a roof must be taken seriously as it lets water seep into the structure which in turn threatens the integrity of the entire structure. Roof repair pros at NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors ensure that the root cause of leakages are found to make durable repairs possible.


The second most frequent issue is ponding or the formation of little ponds after a spell of rain or snow. They can be damaging to rooftop’s outer material layer and if allowed to persist can cause further damage. One proven solution is to form tapered zones wherever the ponding exists so that the water is kept from accumulating.


Another negative roof condition you can’t really stop from happening is puncturing. It is caused sometimes by a tiny woodpecker and sometimes due to foot traffic over the years, however small punctures turn into holes if not repaired on time. Since punctures and holes allow dust and moisture to pass into rest of the roof structure, they must be professionally repaired promptly.


As the roof ages it is normal for cracks to appear but they must not be left untreated to worsen further. In fact cracks, blisters and broken seams compromise the roof’s ability to work as the weather shield of a structure. They should be repaired using compatible material promptly in order to avoid complicated procedures later on. 

Snow Damage

Snow may not come as a surprise often as the weather signals its arrival in advance though sometimes homeowners do get an unpleasant surprise due to its accumulation on rooftop over prolonged winters. When snow melts the water seeps into inner layers of roof system through broken seams and other failed parts of most outer layers, subsequently water pushes up the shingles or tiles, a recipe for more substantial and visible partial roof failure.

Get Roof Inspection by NYC Licensed Commercial Roof Experts

Get quality roof inspections with just a buzz to us. NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors will
send out a team of licensed and experienced roof inspection experts who will examine the
roofs of your NYC commercial area or house. Roof inspection is recommended at least once a
year and more frequently if any of your roofs is more than ten years old. 

Why Consider Roof Inspection?

Think Safety

A commercial or residential roof works as the guardian of the entire structure. It not only saves your family or employees inside from heat, snow and rain but provides shelter for the entire building structure. Consequently, the integrity of building structure depends on protective weather shield functioning of roof. Therefore, getting the roof inspected at least once a year is imperative for a safe and sound living or working experience.

Budgeting and Future Planning

Timely roof inspections help property owners to foresee not just possible future expenses related to roof maintenance and replacement but allocate funds for such expenditures accordingly. Since a roof is an important and costly part of a building’s structure, while buying and selling property, roof inspection reports assist you in determining the right worth and price of the property.

Early Detection of Issues

Finding issues early through comprehensive roof inspections benefits you as property owner in two ways: firstly, fixing issues like leakages through broken seams and curled edges is easier initially, however, if such issues persist undetected and unrepaired, it gets harder to reverse the damage. Secondly, the cost of repairs is always more economical when general roof problems are found and repaired early with the help of on time inspections.

Keep Legal Issues Away

Scheduled inspections of roofing systems can be used as a proof of diligent maintenance keeping. This helps you to avoid any legal penalties in case of both fighting a building code violation citation and even a disaster.

Turnkey Projects

This is one of our most popular offerings. If you are planning to build a home, a condominium or a commercial building in busy boroughs of NY like Manhattan, Bronx and Queens, we can help you realize your dream with zero hassle. All you have to do is share your idea with us and leave converting it into a speaking reality to us. We have licensed designers and general construction contractors who can deliver ready-to-move-in residential and commercial units of any size on turnkey concept.

General Construction Contractor

The list of services we provide as your trusted general construction contractor is long. As part of our commitment to being your comprehensive general construction services provider, we offer wide range commercial and residential construction project design and implementation at any scale such as:

  • Adding extra covered area to existing property.
  • Home improvement
  • Energy efficient capsulation
  • Kitchen or bathroom remodeling
  • Concrete work
  • Exterior beautification
  • Sidewalk or ramp construction and repair
  • And much more!
Property Maintenance

NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors is a proud property maintenance partner of hundreds of homes and commercial entities all over Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Westchester and neighboring areas. We conduct scheduled inspections timely repairs as part of our resolve to keep your home or commercial premises performing at their best. All the check-ups and maintenance tasks are performed by experts who specialize in relevant areas of property maintenance and repairs like:

  • Roof repair
  • Roof replacement
  • Basement leakage cure
  • Brick pointing
  • Floor restoration
  • Power washing
  • And a lot more.

Why Choose NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors

NYC Commercial Roofing is the pioneer in providing safe, reliable, and robust commercial roofs to business owners in NYC. From the start, we've built a reputation for excellence in commercial roofing. Our track record of successful projects speaks for itself. Therefore, with NYC Commercial Roofing at your service, you can always set the bar high whether it's about quality or precision of work.

1.Peace of Mind with a NYC Roofing Expert

NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors are the pioneers of roofing services in NYC. We have been providing unparalleled roofing services for the past two decades with a 99% success rate. Our team is composed of experienced and licensed roofers having years of experience under their belt. This experience enables them to provide high-quality services that last.

2.We Save You Time and Money

You can visit us anytime to share your project details and get a free quote for your job from our trusted experts. We assure you of comprehensive roofing services with the best prices in town. Our skilled roofing experts and project managers will ensure that every single step of the process is carried out seamlessly to maximize efficiency and reduce additional costs.

3.Invest In Your Building’s Future

Investing in your roof is always a smart investment. Especially if you live in a city like New York where extreme weather conditions can degrade your roof to a large extent. Investing in your roof not only saves it from degrading but also enhances the curb appeal of your building. At NYC, we offer roofing solutions that are energy efficient and can save you a significant sum by reducing your utility bills.

Safest Commercial Roof Replacement NYC
We know that installing the roof while following the highest safety roof installing precautions
is extremely important. The roof replacement experts at NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors
use advanced tools and techniques for keeping the rest of the structure unharmed while
removing old roof and installing a new roof in NYC boroughs business or home. We dispatch
extra staff so that least interruption happens while we restore the peacefulness at your home
or workplace.

The Right Replacement for Your Old Roof

NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors treats its customers like family. We realize like any other
part of your home when you want a roof replaced, the look and feel are ever so more crucial!
This is the reason why we install a roof that completely replicates the previous roof or the one
that brings a new charm to you NYC commercial premises or home depending on how you
prefer. In each case we will install or construct the roof that helps your home or office regain
its glory.
Rapid Commercial Roof Replacement NYC

Like any other home or commercial area restoration project, replacing a roof in NYC is something you want completed fast. NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors is passionate about delivering to you a fast and professional roof replacement experience. Our roofing experts are trained to take down and install a new roof rapidly. They have most advanced equipment and tool set for replacing your old roof with a new roof faster than you think.


Roof replacement was done in a timely manner, the crew on the project were professional and answered all my questions doing the project. All aspects of the project that were discussed before the work was started were completed without any issues. Would highly recommend or use them again in the future. Completely satisfied with the roof replacement

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Very professional, timely, neat, and most of all.. A JOB WELL DONE!

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They gave me good services on cheap price cost would love to use there service again

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