PVC Commercial Roofing NYC

A great type of commercial roofing widely used by NYC businesses is PVC roof. NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors specializes in installing PVC commercial roof made of high quality PVC material. It offers the strength you need for a safe and sound commercial roof for your commercial enterprise in Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester and Yonkers.

Features and Advantages of PVC Commercial Roof

Every business has their unique needs and objectives to consider while searching for the right commercial roofing option. Followings are the characteristics and benefits of PVC roof.

Perfect Commercial Roof for NYC Weather

PVC material is highly suitable for areas susceptible to harsh weather conditions like heavy snow, rain, high winds and hot summers. This makes it an ideal commercial roofing option for NYC. The strong PVC material not only withstands heavy snow but it endures hot weather as well. So if you seek to have a highly weather resistant roof for your NYC commercial property, PVC material can be a sensible choice.

Fire & Chemical Resistant

Another advantage of selecting PVC roofing is that it doesn’t easily burn in case of fire and if source of fire is removed, it extinguishes itself. This gives it a higher fire protection rating. Also, PVC can be your best roofing material choice if your commercial building’s roof is exposed to chemicals. In order to safeguard your roof against damaging chemicals, investing in PVC roof is always a great idea.

Durable & highly Waterproof Roofing

This type of roofing offers high durability due to solid waterproof built. The hot air welded seams lead to watertight bond which keeps moisture out. As a result PVC roof usually serves up to for two decades and if installed by expert and licensed roofing professionals like NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors you can expect your PVC roof to have an even longer life cycle.


Finally, PVC roofing is an eco-friendly roofing in several ways. Firstly, it is energy efficient roof as it reflects sun and keeps the cold out too. This will keep your energy consumption down. Secondly, after years of use the PVC material can be recycled for variant purposes, a great plus

for those want to protect the environment. 

What you should know about PVC flat roofing:

  • Experts recommend adding plastics to PVC membrane for enhanced defense against water, snow and intense temperatures. Plastics also help to avoid the possibility of premature punctures or leakages.
  • PVC material comes in the shape of membrane which is rolled out onto the roof by using waterproof adhesive material or nails.
  • During installation the seams should be heat welded to ensure air-tight membrane.
  • If properly maintained, a PVC roof will survive up to 20 years and even longer.

PVC Roofing Contractor NYC Yonkers

NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors specialize in all kinds of commercial & green roofs. We can help you find the best flat roof option for your commercial building in greater NYC area. Our commercial roofing consultants realize that each business has unique needs, objectives and other factors that they must consider while searching for the best roof for their business. Due to our vast experience as best NYC local commercial roofer, we will guide you through the most feasible options available and help you choose the most suitable roofing system for your NYC business.

Multi-Service Commercial Roofer

It’s always wise to hire a commercial & shingles roofing installation contractor who provides repair and maintenance services as well. NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors is NYC’s local multi-service commercial roofing company. We have highly experienced and certified commercial roof repair and maintenance pros who help the clients keep their roofs performing at their best for the longest time. We even offer 24/7 emergency roof maintenance services all over greater NYC so that common issues like cracks or leakages are repaired before they cause a bigger damage to roof and structure.

Call the PVC roof NYC and Yonkers pros at (718) 799-3668 for consultation on how PVC roofing system can protect your roof top against threatening natural as well as pollutant elements and ensure that roof lasts longer.