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TPO Commercial Roofing in New York City

NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors is a trusted name all over NYC for high quality commercial roofing. If you are interested in a roof type that will require least amount of time and effort for maintenance then TPO roof can be your best choice. We can also share performance reports of different TPO roofs that we have installed over the years in NYC, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Yonkers, Westchester and other neighboring areas. You will be amazed by how great they still appear and perform.

Happy Clients – Happy Stories

At our friendly customer assistance center, you will find hundreds of real and well-documented appreciative testimonials by clients who trusted local NYC roofing experts at NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors. The stories of satisfied clients are one of our biggest assets and we surely love to keep on expanding on them. Behind these astounding feedbacks is our commitment to being the top greater NYC area commercial roofer. Visit us today and we will explain the recipe behind our success as NYC’s best local commercial roofer. We will show you best roofing materials we use as well as fabulous service and NYC expert roofer certifications we hold.

A Great Commercial Roofing Option

TPO roofing material has been becoming ever more popularity as the most economical and thin roof option. It is being used as budget roof option in all NYC boroughs like Bronx and Manhattan. It is made of diverse rubbers like polypropylene and ethylene-propylene without using any type of plastic.

Features and Advantages of TPO Roofing
Hassle Free Maintenance

A great reason to choose this type of roofing material is easy maintenance. TPO material doesn’t allow mold growth, algae, mildew and dirt accumulation so you mostly don’t need power washing. It doesn’t puncture or tears easily as well. In fact the thermal expansion or contraction due to temperature change is accommodated due to its flexibility.

Energy Efficient

The TPO thermal layer prevents heat build-up inside the buildings and stops cold from passing into the structure. This helps commercial property owners to save on their energy costs. TPO & Silicon Coated roofing membranes are available in different colors. If you are concerned about summer heat you can opt for reflective white. While white, gray and black colors will still offer UV resistance.

Easy Installation

The installation process of TPO & shingles roofing is a lot more easy and straight forward as compared to any other flat roof option. The TPO membrane sheets happen to be lightweight and they come in wider pieces which means fewer seams are involved. This leads to less time and effort required for installation.

Low Cost Flat Roofing NYC

The cost of installing a TPO roof is comparatively lower than any other rubber based flat roof material which makes it a formidable roofing option for your NYC enterprise. If saving cost is high on your priority list while shopping for a flat roof in NYC then TPO roof material could be your best choice.

NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors excels in utilizing the best grade roofing materials and coatings that help you safeguard your roof against different weather phenomenon and dangerous chemicals.

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