Hot Roof in New York City

Winters can be really long and harsh in most parts of US and especially in NYC. Hot roof system can be a great solution if you seek to keep entire structure of your home or commercial property warm during winters. In such roof is laid just underneath the roof covering over the top of the roof deck. In recent times hot roofing has become more popular commercial roof option as compared to the past.

What are the advantages of a hot roofing system?

Easy Installation

A notable advantage of hot roofing is that it can be installed on your current roof deck if it happens to be in a good condition. However, if experts suggest that your roofing should be replaced or will need substantial repair in near future then you should avoid putting up a hot roof above your existing roof.

Air Ducts and Water Supply

Issues with air ducts and water supply are common issues especially during colder months. However, if the air ducts and water supply run through the attic area of your roof, the insulation keeps them safe and warm. This leads to stopping water from freezing within supply lines and keeping air warmer in air ducts.

Lower Heating Cost

If you seek to lower your energy expenditure during winters installing hot roof can be a great idea. It provides an effective thermal insulation by converting roof into a capsulation layer. As a result warmer temperature is achieved and retained through a relatively lower heating thermostat which ensures energy costs savings. 

No Moisture

Greater level of insulation and a vapor control layer also means that it’s impossible for moisture to pass through the roof. This not only helps in creating a healthy environment inside but it saves the rest of the structure from damaging effects of humidity as well.

Certified Hot Roof Contractor Westchester

We understand the roof of your home or commercial building is one of the most important parts of your property. In case of installing a hot roof, making sure that roof installation is done professionally is all more significant. So whether you want to build a new home for your family or your enterprise, you can trust the best roofing pros in town for installing an efficient Built Up Roofing. NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors will ensure that you get the hot roof installation according to highest professional standards. Our certified Westchester roofing contractors have over two decades long experience in constructing hot roof systems that meet premium safety and performance standards. They are expert in forming different hot roof material layers according to manufacturers’ guidelines so that no premature cracks or leakages occur.

Superior Material

Nowadays, there are so many different hot roofing materials available in the market and this can sometimes be confusing if you are a layman. NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors as your reliable local Westchester roofer carries only the best grade roofing materials and products. We know that installing roofs made of dependable materials will strengthen our resolve to offer best local roofing services in Westchester. You can be sure that your roof is composed of high quality and long lasting products guaranteed to serve you for the maximum predicted life span. 

Maximum Efficiency

If properly installed and maintained, a hot roof will lead to significant energy savings. Nonetheless, be careful, an improperly built hot roof will not serve the purpose of creating effective thermal protection needed for maintaining warmer temperature inside the building. Roofing pros at NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors are trained to build flawless hot & cold roofing systems that perform well for years. They will lock the seams to be air tight and waterproof so that snow, water and cold air don’t find a way to penetrate, a method necessary for installing a highly energy efficient hot roof.

If you are worried about rising energy costs and want to keep your heating expenses low, call premiere hot roof contractor NYC, Bronx and Brooklyn at (718) 799-3668. We will professionally install the hot roof that traps heat inside and keeps cold air from passing into your home or commercial building effectively.