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Silicon Coated Roof in New York City

A roof has to withstand different type of and environmental conditions. It has to endure blistering sun heat, rain or hail, cold temperatures and even heavy snow for prolonged periods of time. Silicon roof coating is a great solution for protecting your roof against such threats that compromise the strength of your roof. You can think of silicon coating as a buffer that saves your roof from harmful natural and artificial elements your roof is always exposed to.

Should I opt for silicon coating for my roof?
Reduces Maintenance Costs

A lot of times water puddles happen to be a frequent issue which requires constant checks and even may leads to situations where immediate repair is needed. This type of coating is proven to prevent water from penetrating into the roof structure. Consequently, silicon coating can be a great way to cut your roof maintenance expenses.

Cost Effective

As long as your current roof is in a stable condition and it doesn’t already have an incompatible coating on it, you can opt for getting your roof silicon coated. This not only gives the roof a new life but it will save you your precious time and money as well. This is the reason why many home or commercial property owners decide to get silicon coating half way through the expected life of their roof.

Enhances Longevity of Roof

Silicon coating works as a protective layer and saves your roof by creating almost zero erosion. This minimizes damages that otherwise can happen to your roof while it confronts heat, rain and snow. If silicon coating is done professionally, usually your roof’s expected functional life may increase by 5 to 10 years.

No Damage by Humidity

Dampness will no longer be threat if you have silicon coating on your roof because humidity has no adverse effect on it. Many professional roofers recommend putting silicon coating on the roof during rainy season as humidity helps it to take its final durable shape after installation.

Certified TPO Roofer Bronx

There is no better option than hiring a local commercial roofer with a team of reliable certified local & TPO roofing contractors for your roofing needs. NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors serves the greater NYC area including Bronx. All our roofing experts are licensed and certified which means you never have to worry about issues that generally happen due to poor installation. They are trained to make sure that professional and manufacturers’ guidelines are strictly followed during the entire roof installation process. Consequently, that every roof we build, serves you with great efficiency for its longest life cycle possible.

Roof Repair and Maintenance Bronx

We strive to be a highly dependable commercial & build up roofing solutions provider for Bronx residents. Our qualified roof repair experts are there to help you protect and optimize the roof of your commercial business in Bronx. More than any other part of your commercial building’s structure, you can not afford a repair pro to arrive late. This is why NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors offers scheduled maintenance as well as 24/7 emergency roof repair services in Bronx. Our Bronx certified roof repair pros detect the issue and real cause behind it fast. They employ advanced tools and proven techniques for durable roof repairs, keeping the rest of your property safe and sound.

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