Green Roofing in New York

Urban areas often lack green spaces while there is no denial that greenery not only adds to the beauty
of cities, it fights pollution too. Many home and business owners have been investing in the idea of
green roof. It is their way of combating pollution and saving natural resources. This coverts generally
overlooked part of their properties into gardens that clean the air. There are many excellent benefits of
installing a green roof.

Enhance the Life of Roof

A green & PVC roofing system helps the roof to have a longer life span in many ways. It works as a
barrier that protects roof from weather intensities like rain, snow storms. It also keeps
ultraviolet rays from damaging the roof. Subsequently, the waterproof membrane underneath
survives much longer than its usual life tenure.

Energy Efficient

Homeowners and commercial organizations can save on energy costs all year round with green
roof installation. It provides an enhanced thermal performance for the entire structure. In
summer time, plants and layer of damp soil keep temperature down inside the buildings. They
stop the cold from passing as well during winter. This leads to lower energy costs throughout
the year.

Helping Environment

Green roof system adds to your commitment to going green. Rising CO2 levels and diminishing
drinking water reservoirs have been threatening our very existence. Knowing that the least
used part of your home or office is storing precious rain water and purifying air is always a
peaceful thought that is worth investing money.

Intelligent Drainage System

In case of rain and ice melting the water is stored by plants and soil on a green roof. This water is released into air slowly by plants and through evaporation. This combination no just works as an alternative natural drainage system on the roof but helps in fostering sustainable plantation. At a greater level this
can even reduce the threat of urban flooding in future

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A Garden on your Roof in a Jungle of Concrete!

If you happen to be a nature lover and/or someone who wants to cut down energy costs all year round, a green roof can be a great option for your NYC home or commercial building. It will be a great step forward in the right direction. Green roofing systems have been gaining popularity fast all over the country due to their multiple advantages.

NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors is NYC’s local green & metal roofing company. Our licensed NYC roofing pros will turn your otherwise least utilized rooftop into a lovely garden. It will serve you as your own recreational spot where you, your family, employees or tenants can relax, play and experience natural habitat.

For a beautiful and an energy efficient green roofing solution call NYC’s most dependable local roofer, NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors today at (718) 799-3668 A friendly roofing consultant will guide you about costs and procedure of building a reliable and durable green roofing system for you NYC property.