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Built Up Roofing in New York City

A perfect commercial flat roofing solution being used for over a century. Built up Roofing membrane has special features that make it highly suitable as NYC commercial building roof solution. NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors’ roofing experts specialize in BUR Membrane roofing installation with detail oriented perfection to get you the best BUR Membrane commercial roof at low cost.

Features and advantages

There are many characteristics of BUR Membrane that make it a desirable commercial roof. Let roofing consultants at NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors help you explore more on this popular commercial roof type being used in NYC for a long time as a durable commercial roof.

Fast & Easy Roofing

A prime reason why BUR Membrane is a preferred NYC commercial roof option is that the roof installation process can be a quick and convenient process if done by qualified commercial roofing pros. NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors’ licensed roofers can get you a BUR Membrane roof fast through highly professional installation procedure. We have the most advanced tools and equipment that make putting up BUR Membrane a fast and easy process.

Economical and Durable

A great advantage for NYC commercial property owners of choosing BUR Membrane roof option is that they can have more control over its cost and durability. This type of roofing is built by using alternating layers of tar and gravel. It will cost you a little more but provide you more durability if you opt for more layers of tar and gravel. However, if you prefer a cost saving approach then a limited number of alternating layers are formed which would save you money on your roofing cost but still give you all the benefits of a Built up Roofing Membrane.

Seamless & UV Resistant Commercial Roof

We can build BUR Membrane with ultra- seamless look and feel which makes it ideal for foot traffic. Since it's material doesn’t fully absorb vibration, NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors recommends assessment of the structure before selecting BUR Membrane as your NYC commercial building roofing option. It comes with UV-resistant properties which makes it an intelligent roofing solution for NYC environment. 

Perfect Flat Roof for NYC

Flat roofing has been one of the most popular roof options for NYC entrepreneurs for a long time. It addresses two common needs of NYC property owners. Firstly, a flat roof provides space for heating as well as air conditioning units at the roof top. Also, roof repair tasks can be performed more securely and effectively on Bur Membrane roofs.

Commercial Roof Installation in Bronx

There are two important factors while you are shopping for the best commercial hot roof. Firstly, it’s always recommendable to choose a roofer who has a long experience of installing roofs locally. You not only can expect them to understand your needs better but to suggest the right roofing option as well. Secondly, a local business owner is more likely to invest in building relations with local community by providing better services and using high quality roofing material.

NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors is your local reliable commercial roofing contractor in Bronx. We have a long experience in installing a wide range of commercial roofing systems all throughout five boroughs of NYC. We can help you find the best commercial roofing for your Bronx business through a straightforward process: We take time to listen to our valued clients when they first call to get info on Bronx roofing solutions we offer. As your Bronx area roofing pro we then survey your property while we ask questions like:

  • How long do you wish your roof to last?
  • What is your budget bracket for a new roof?
  • Do you want a low maintenance roof? And so on

We then suggest you the most suitable roofing types for your Bronx business or home. Bronx roofing experts at NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors explain the benefits and drawbacks of different roofing options that can be suitable to your particular scenario. We believe a client should be given ample information on various options before finalizing on the most desirable cost effective roof that matches their needs and budget both.

Call us today and get consultation for best Bronx area roofing solutions and see how we make the best roof selection process simple and easy for you.