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Metal Roofing in New York

Metal roofing is a highly popular commercial roofing type. It comes with adorable looks and
adds to the exterior beauty of your NYC commercial building. Roofing experts at NYC
Commercial Roofing Contractors can help you find and get installed a metal roof that will
resonate with your NYC commercial brand’s image.

Features and advantages of Metal Commercial Roof
Suitable for NYC Weather

The longevity of your commercial roof also depends on chemical treatment to the metal that
can make your roof safe from elements like humidity and snow. Due to metal’s susceptibility
to rusting, safeguarding your metal roof against such factors is always recommendable. NYC
Commercial Roofing Contractors can get you protective surface treatment for your NYC
commercial metal roof. It will ensure your commercial roof serves you for the maximum time

Recyclable Material

Another great advantage of metal commercial roof is that the materials used in such roofs are
recyclable. This enhances the green commitment of your enterprise as you know that at the
end of usable life of your metal roof everything will be recycled. 

Most Durable Commercial Roofing NYC

Metal is the toughest roof material among all the commercial roofing options nationwide and
in NYC. The prime benefit of metal roofing is that it’s expected life span could be 40-60 years if properly maintained which is much longer than many other traditional roofs. NYC
Commercial Roofing Contractors will ensure that you get the longest lasting metal commercial
roof made of high quality material and installed professionally.

Safety Ranking

Metal roof has highest fire safety ranking as metals of all types don’t catch or spread fire easily. This makes it a perfect commercial roof option as metals of all types don’t catch or spread fire easily. This roofing option not only adds to safety of your NYC business but helps you to meet the NYC building and commercial roofing requirements as well.

Available in Different Material Options

NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors can install the best commercial metal roof made of

  • Corrugated Galvanized steel
  • Aluminum, Zinc and Silicon Coated Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Stone Coated Steel
  • Copper
  • Tin

Commercial Metal Roofing Types

Roofing experts at NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors can install following types of
commercial metal roofing types extensively used throughout NYC and boroughs.

Sheet Metal Tiles and Shingles Roofing

Despite being made of metal they come in the form of shingles or tiles. Sheet metal tiles
roofing looks strikingly similar to traditional shingles. They are made of diverse metal materials
mentioned above. It can be perfectly suitable for you if you seek to highly customize your roof
as they are made of diverse colors and designs. Sheet metal tiles and shingles have been in use
for hundreds of years and provide a unique exterior beauty to your commercial building. The
best benefit of this type of metal & cold roofing especially in NYC is that you can make your office or
other commercial building allure through either historic look or contemporary feel.

Sheet Metal Panels Roofing

Sheet metal roofing panels can be great options when you are looking for added longevity and
fast installation for your NYC business or warehouse commercial & green roof. You can choose panels
of varied gauge, fasteners and colors according to your metal roofing requirements. A
highlighted feature of metal panel roofing is that they can be attached directly to the structure
which not only saves time but it leads to efficient waterproofing of roof as well.

Standing Seams Metal Roofing

For easy roof installation and better adjoining they are shaped to have two vertical legs and a
space in between. This metal roofing type is best for you if you are looking for a concealed
fastener and weather tight metal roof option. The concealed fasteners aren’t exposed to
weather and elements like snow and sun. This ensures better protection from weather and a
longer life span of your commercial roof. Another benefit is that these metal roof panels are
free of nails and holes as they are directly attached form roof deck by clamps. This makes them least
susceptible to erosion and water leakage. 

Commercial Roofing Contractor Queens
One major competitive advantage point that sets NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors apart from other roofing companies in Queens is that we focus on being your professional roofing consultant. Shopping for a commercial roof can be a confusing experience especially if you are interested in one of the most advanced roof solutions.
One way we prove ourselves to be a caring local roofing company for Queens is providing free roofing consultation. You can always rely on us as your Queens local roofing partner who will give you the right suggestion at the right time. Please take time to read below the list of factors you should consider before finally settling on the best roofing system for your Queens commercial property.
Life Span

You must inquire the expected life span of the roof before you make any selection. The usual
life span ranges from 20-50 years for a commercial roof though it may greatly depend on how
skillfully and professionally the roof is installed or maintained. You should choose a relatively
more limited functional life roof if you foresee a transition in your business scenario requiring a
roof system change. However, if you intend to stay under the same roof for a long time in the
future, it will be wiser to go for a more durable roof type.


Another significant determining factor while searching for the right roofing type is its cost. One
thing you must be heedful of is that sometimes a relatively less costly roofing system might
require more frequent repairs or give you a compromised efficiency. This could ultimately lead
to needless expenses like emergency repair or even restoration costs later on. However, high grade
material (comparatively costly) roofing can be a great option if you want to avoid such expenses.


Additionally, the roof of your home or office says a lot about the persona or brand you are! It is
extremely important that the roof matches with rest of the building's exterior as well. For an antique or
traditional look choosing shingles roofing is advisable. However, if you have a multi-story high
home of commercial building in Queens, selecting a flat roofing option could be the most
intelligent choice. Similarly, if you want to convey a sense of strong commitment to a go-green
mission, installing a green roof will be a perfect concept. 

Energy Efficiency

You must take information on the energy saving ratings of different roofing options you are
interested in. It also depends on what type of intensive local weather phenomenon you are
most concerned about while looking for best commercial roofing system in Queens. If you are
more focused on dealing with possible challenges snow or intense winter brings then will be wiser
to select a roofing type that is compatible with hot roof material. In a case your primary
objective is maintaining colder temperature in summer, installing a cold roof at your Queens
business could be a great idea.

Metal roofs come in so many different types and configurations, get guidance by the best commercial roofing experts all over Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Yonkers and other major parts of greater NYC!

NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors specializes in safe, secure and efficient installation of various commercial roofing systems. Our licensed roofing pros have plenty of experience serving NYC’s commercial as well as residential clients for all their roofing and beyond needs. They will walk you through different commercial roofing options so that you can choose the one that best fulfils your goals and objectives.

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