Cool Roofing in New York City

Sometimes you have to choose the best commercial roofing type while being a strategic thinker especially if you are an NYC business owner. As New Yorkers we have to confront hot summers as well as intense winters. A cold roof is going to be helpful in beating down hot temperatures as it is a ventilated roofing type.

Do I need a Cold Roof?

Let’s take a look at the features and advantages of a commercial cold roof:

Better for the Structure

The effective air ventilation helps to eliminate possible moisture traps in your home or office. Your structure, sheathing and insulation are prone to moisture accumulation which can pose threat to the longevity of the entire structure. Cold roofing system could mean better protection for such areas of your office or home as it will keep the moisture build-up away.

Energy Efficient

A cold roof stops hot air from getting trapped inside your home or commercial building. This helps to maintain a cooler temperature. Consequently, you can expect to save on energy costs during the summer months as you will have to use less energy for cooling, a prime benefit of such roofing type.

Well Ventilated

Fresh and good quality air is immensely important at any workplace. A professionally installed hot roof has ventilation that allows moisturized air to exit and fresh air to enter. This keeps the possible suffocation away so if you or your employees have been suffering from lack of fresh air to breathe during hot summer month, installing a cold roof can be a great solution.

Combats Heat Damage

Intense heat is known to weaken the roofing system and even the overall structure of residential and commercial buildings. However, one notable advantage you get by a cold roof is that roof sheathing is kept cooler. This gives protection and longevity to overall structure by eliminating the possibility of heat

traps in roof structure..

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Options :

We believe in providing localized roofing solutions that match the specific needs of New Yorkers. This is the reason why we have licensed roofing contractors with expertise to install and repair different types of roofs. If you are a business owner needing high quality roofing services in Brooklyn and want to have a rich shopping experience while searching for the best roofing solution, just give us a call and be ready to be amazed by our widest roofing options line which is as follows:

Concerned about your air cooling expenses?

Don’t worry, contact NYC Commercial Roofing Contractors today and find out how much you can save in the long run with our energy efficient cold roof.  Cold roof contractor Brooklyn experts can install a new cold roof fast or convert your traditional roof into a strategically ventilated roof that beats the heat all summer long!

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